Footbridge at Magellan Lake – June 2016?

I recently contacted Hamilton City Council for an update on the proposed construction of the footbridge to complete the Te Awa O Katapaki Esplanade walkway at Magellan Lake.

This was the response I received in April from a representative from HCC’s Parks & Open Spaces team:

“I can confirm that we have completed the design work, have the necessary consents and will be putting the construction of the bridge out to tender any day now. We had a few consenting issues to resolve with the regional council which has slightly delayed construction. Nevertheless, we are still on track to get the bridge built prior to the end of June.”

Another update on 3 May confirmed that “The contract has been let for the bridge” so I imagine that we can expect construction to start any day now! Will be interesting to see whether the project will still be completed by the end of June…

I will post updates on the timeframe as and when I get any.


6 May 2016