Library – become a Friend of Hamilton’s libraries

Did you know that Hamilton has 6 libraries? This map shows the ~2km catchment area around each of them, and makes it really easy to see how we in the north-eastern suburbs are missing out: our entire area (encompassing Flagstaff, Rototuna and all the suburbs to the north) is beyond the 2km radius from the nearest library (Chartwell).
We at NECH would love to see Hamilton City Council open a library in the north-east, to serve as more than just a book-lending facility. With seating, internet access and meeting areas, a library can become a real hub for any community.
But with or without a physical library here, you can get involved with Hamilton’s libraries through The Friends of Hamilton Public Library Association. This is an independent organisation that acts as a voice for the customers of Hamilton City Libraries.
One of the services that the Friends offer is a Homebound Delivery Service for people who are not able to travel to a library. This is a free service, but it costs the Friends around $80 a month just for the petrol they need to deliver library books.
You can help support this service in a number of ways: – join the Friends (membership fees from $10-15 per year) – buy second-hand or ex-library books from the Friends’ shop, open Fridays 12-2pm next to the Central library in Garden Place. Funds raised help support the delivery service – donate good quality books to the Friends’ shop – volunteer to deliver books
For more information on The Friends of Hamilton Public Library Association, and for their contact details, please see