Looking Porsche around town

Rototuna resident Mark Rose squeaked in with less than a month to spare when he achieved his goal of owning a red Porsche before his fiftieth birthday.

“I’m not rich,” said Mark, owner of local business Mark Rose Decorators. “I’m just crazy enough about wonderful cars to follow my dream.”

Now he wants to share the thrill of the Porsche experience with other Hamiltonians. He describes the people who “need” to ride in – or even better, possibly drive the Porsche* – as those who already have everything (except a red Porsche, of course), a tourist wanting to appreciate our beautiful countryside in style, and brides or bridegrooms planning to make a spectacular entry at their wedding.

“A ride in the Porsche would be a great gift for so many people. Imagine having the Porsche picking up a youngster from school as a birthday surprise or a valued staff member being given the Porsche experience as a surprise reward for their great work,” said Mark.

Watch out for the upcoming Facebook page and website promoting Mark’s Porsche venture. In the meantime, Mark is happy to chat with anyone who wants to have a taste of his glamour car dream on 021 833 267.

*Terms and Conditions apply to those wishing to drive the car.