Chasing away the IT gremlins

When the computer gremlins haunt our Flagstaff home, we don’t fret for long as our go-to geek works from just around the corner.

Nick Spicer, owner of Spincotech and Backspace Mobile Computer Support, does his best to see us on the same day when there’s a genuine IT emergency – though he does prefer it when we can plan ahead and cut him a few days slack.

Nick embarked on his IT career while he was a Year 12 student at Fairfield College. The school retained his services on a part-time basis while Nick completed his schooling and gained his qualifications at the University of Waikato. On his graduation, Fairfield College snapped Nick up in a full time role and within three years, he was Director of Computer Support at the school.

When Nick decided to set up Spincotech at the end of 2013 he had a ready-made client base. Fairfield College staff would call on him for their personal computer needs. Word of mouth advertising, promotion in local papers and social media activity did the rest.

The business expanded when Nick bought out another local IT support business, Backspace Mobile Computer Support. Ultimately, Nick needed to take on another qualified technician Rob Huxtable, so that he could service clients in a timely manner.

“It’s a diverse job. Rob and I solve a variety of IT problems. We both like coming up with out-of-the-box solutions,” said Nick.

From our point of view, we have the confidence of knowing that Nick and Rob are familiar with our IT set up. Their help goes beyond assisting with various computer needs. Along the way, Nick has set up back up to the Cloud and our WiFi, helped me unravel the mysteries of my iPhone, and sorted out crazy issues related to our ultra-fast fibre installation (problems that other technicians had failed to diagnose and fix). Best of all, Nick and Rob explain what the problem is and how it can be solved in words that we can understand.

Landline is the best way to reach Nick – 07 855 2169. Visit his Facebook page at