Minutes of the 2016 AGM

Minutes of AGM
7.15pm, Thursday 28 April 2016, Rototuna Junior High School, Kimbrae Drive Rototuna
Welcome: Diana Wood
Present: Richard Riley, Ian Wood, Diana Wood, Jason Sebestian, Fraser Hill, Megan Campbell, Jamie Strange, Natasha Hemara, Philip Yeung, Fungai Mhlanga, Mary Loveless, Roger Loveless, Katy King, Jamie Strange, Rona Gooch, Ruth Hart, Noeline Allen, Martin Toop, Hamish McMillan, Rob Pascoe, Martin Gallagher.
Apologies: Gill Baker, David Huang, Daphne Bell.
Minutes of 2015 AGM:
The minutes of the last AGM held on 23 April 2105 were confirmed.
Moved: Roger Loveless Seconded: Katy King
Matters arising from the minutes: none.
Chairperson’s report: Diana Wood
Copy of report is here
That the report be accepted.
Moved: Diana Wood Seconded: Katy King Carried
Treasurer’s report:
00 account $223.13
01 account $479.87
Petty Cash $47.85
Total $750.85
Moved: Mary Loveless Seconded: Diana Wood Carried
Election of Officers:
Chair Diana Wood Moved Ian Wood Seconded Katy King
Additional Trustees (the HNECH Trust deed allows for a total of 12 trustees)Diana Wood moved that the existing Trustees be elected to their existing positions. Seconded Ian WoodSecretary Mary LovelessTreasurer Mary LovelessTrustees Daphne Bell, Jason Sebestian, Katy King, Roger Loveless
General business:
Richard Riley, Chief Marketing Officer, Ultrafast Fibre: the current situation and future network thinking.
Richard is currently making a business case for installation of fibre to the remaining homes in the area that do not currently have fibre connections; estimated to be approximately 700 homes. He is keen to use the Trust as a conduit to ascertain interest with connecting to the fibre network within the community. He proposes to hold a neighbourhood meeting in the near future, and use existing channels such as the Trust website and Resident’s Facebook page to advertise the meeting. If the business case is accepted, the build will start late 2016 and be completed early 2017. Richard’s full address is detailed here
After consultation, it was agreed that the Trust consider keeping a list of Friends; people who may wish to be involved with one-off projects, rather than dealing with the ongoing commitment of trusteeship.
Megan Campbell summarised the current discussions the school is having with council: installation of signalled crossing points, creation of sports fields, building a swimming pool, and cycle ways. The school has the highest uptake of cycling to school in the country. She commented that by aligning priorities we could make both the Trust and the school stronger.Megan also made the point that contrary to public perception, which was reinforced by media publicity, the planned indoor sports courts are not a local facility, but are intended as a regional facility.
Diana invited people to record and leave their priorities for the area on the post-it notes available.
Guest Speaker: RJHS Principal, Fraser Hill
Fraser introduced himself as Waikato born and a local resident. He outlined the school’s learning vision: based on connected learning; connected to whanau – locally, nationally, and globally and situated within authentic learning contexts. The school aims to instil a sense of community mindedness within their learners, resulting in students giving back to the community. It is planned that learning is supported and enhanced by utilising community expertise, e.g. the flight time programme, and based on a sense of Ako – reciprocal learning.
The Board of Trustees are actively working to make other connections within the community. For example, developing partnerships between the school and local sports clubs, to enable the sharing of coaching and administration expertise. Identifying meeting spaces that can be used for community gatherings and sharing of facilities such as the theatre, arts, and dance spaces.
Partnerships with local hapu are being developed; the school colours are reflective of the local environment – the orange colour evident in the pigment of the local waters.
Collaboration is also a key focus of the school; with teachers working collaboratively to develop learning programmes. The community has been very supportive, of the new learning environments and the innovative elements being developed within the school community. It is the first time in New Zealand that two new schools; Rotouna Junior and Senior High schools, have been built with shared facilities.
Natasha Hemara – the new principal of Rototuna Senior High School introduced herself as being new to the area.
Next Trust meeting date: May 26th at 7.15pm.
Meeting closed at 8. 55pm